Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 21!

  1. I have a fun new song to sing for voice lessons! It is an italian love song that I will be singing the translation of, and actually I will be performing a full scene from Figaro, but in english. The goal is to have it ready for the next voice recital around Feb. 24. It sounds like so much fun.
  2. I started up yoga in the hall once again, I had 5 people show up, and that was good. I have this weekly event scheduled on my busiest day, but it is a nice way to break up the madness!
  3. I have finished my Mechanics of Solids homework with my lovely tutor. First good tutor of the year, 1 out of 3 aint bad
  4. The weather was windy out today so I wore my beloved blue and yellow bird coat.
  5. No circuits homework due tomorrow!
  6. I have planned that on Sunday night to have girls bring their left overs so we can have a Thanksgiving Left-overs Floor Meeting. Eat and talk about the day. I gotta go make a proposal!
  7. One more day of classes!


  1. Good to see you're back on the Good Things express!
    I've got a few - the "Santa in a Spoon" photoshop project is up in the Minneapolis and Chicago stores, and actually look pretty good!
    The face is almost back to normal color, with a little peeling - I'm Mr. Moisturizer now.
    Mom is back on her feet and healthy, yay!
    Enjoy your day of classes, we'll talk soon.
    Love, Dad

  2. You sound like the funnest R.A. ever! my R.A. never led hallway yoga!

  3. What lovely 'good things' !
    The New York Times had an article about the Tim Burton retrospective at MOMA yesterday with a link to photos of the exibit.
    Fascinating stuff ! I loved the doorway to the show .
    I so enjoy hearing about your adventures and excursions. What is the song that you've been assigned ? I bet we can find it online.
    It looks like we ( your dad and I) are going to Jess's for Thanksgiving dinner as Patrick and Shelly and Alex will be going to her grandmother's home .
    We'll still be having everyone here for breakfast , so tommorrow I'll start prepping for that.
    We are really looking forward to this years parade !!!!!!!We'll freeze frame till we spot you .
    Have a spectacular day ! BARDEN, Barden, barden ,WHOOOOOOOOOO