Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 14!

  1. i made new turkey hand door decorations with my residents. i find out that arts and crafts are a challenge for some of my residents. it is confusing at first, but some girls are not as interested in crafts, which is why they are at a tech school. anyway, one thing is a little bit off my back.
  2. i saw my friend Alina when I needed to, I sat outside in the fall breeze on a bench with her talking about school, then she sat in my room and studied while I worked on a paper. It was really nice
  3. I did my part of a Design paper. For the first time in a few semesters I am not compiling all the parts of it. It is a little worrisome because I can't review all of it, but then again, I am not responsible for printing it out, and it is out of my hands.
  4. I went to a speaker held at school about over achieving girls. It was interesting, but made me wonder if I am even overachieving.
  5. I have now done physical therapy three days in a row

good night!


  1. Nothing better than the classic turkey hand decoration - is it what I think it is? Draw around hand, add feet, instant turkey? The best!
    I saw the headline @ Stevens.edu about Liz Funk speaking - went to her website and blog. Was she a good speaker?
    Good for you on the PT, it's just another way to keep you in touch with yourself.
    Gotta get ready for work, I love you, honey!

  2. Turkey hand doorstops ? How cool !
    I'm glad that you and Alina had some time together , especially outside on an Autumn day. We are STILL WAITING for an Autumn here , it seems that it's colder and colder every day but without the pleasure of Indian summer.
    I have hopes of getting outside myself today to do a few enjoyable chores in the garden .
    Jessica's bathroom is done , you should look at her blog !
    It looks great.
    Have a wonderful day Donna , mom