Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 20!

  1. I got a letter from my good friend the architect from DC today. I am writing her one back today.
  2. I have my study plan officially switched to Civil Engineering, I have that paperwork behind me
  3. My friend Tamar is coming down from Boston this weekend, will be fun
  4. I have somewhat a head start on my design homework. Rather than waiting til 8 pm to start, I started a bit this weekend and I have worked on it for a few hours. Hopefully the work will ensure an early night.
  5. The prof. of Civil Engineering said that :I seem like a bright girl" in a complementary manner, not demeaning at all.


  1. Hi there!
    Reading your things, like I do - I'm glad you're hearing from DC, and keeping up with the writing. Congrats on finalizing your study plan! And it's great that Tamar is coming to see you, where are you going to take her?

    Talk to you soon - my bright girl!!

  2. How wonderful to have Tamar coming for a visit!
    Please say hello from me. I'm glad your friend the architect is staying in touch, I really liked meeting her and she seemed helpful to you as well. OF COURSE YOU SEEM TO BE A BRIGHT GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE A BRIGHT GIRL!!!!!!!!
    I bet it's a relief to have the paperwork in place for your study plan.
    Keep writing ,Donna we always love the updates.