Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 12! Happy Halloween

  1. I practiced singing send in the clowns which I very much enjoy. I had sent a video to my voice teacher of a link to the Krusty the clown version which I know so well. What a riot
  2. i did laundry/cleaned up/had coffee. Overall good weekend things to do
  3. I took care of some Res Life paper work, put in an evaluation for an old event and I made a new flier for Monday Night Yoga
More later

Day 11!

Mischief Night
  1. I went trick or treating with my friends to the houses of the faculty. Pretty fun. I got a chance to try out my costume and people approved. Walking around with a ukulele and not knowing any spanish doesn't help with my 'day of the dead' concept, but I can count up to four and play about four chords. Its alright
  2. I got part of my computer fixed. The issues involved with my computer currently are/were that the key on my keyboard weren't really attached, and that my shift key does not work. I went to computer service center and the key board more tightly affixed to the computer, but the shift key (on the right) does not work when I compress it. Going to the computer help center is a laborious process, and I am just plugging along.
  3. A friend of mine did help me fix my printer - magically - and now i have my boarding tix and concert tix printed out and put in a safe place weeks in advance
  4. I had my mechanics of solids class and it was fun, as usual. It turned out I got 15/20 on a quiz, which is tons better than I had expected. This grade barely counts for our legit grade, just an acknowledgment of our being present. We are dealing with less physics and more statics concepts - so finding the center of gravity of objects, which reminds me so much of what I had done in Freshman year of highschool. In Mr. Moening's class we had to find the Center of Gravity and now I actually understand what we were doing.
  5. I handed out candy to my residents and I think they liked it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 10!

  1. I worked more on my costume, it is lookin awesome
  2. I received mom's cookies in the mail, delicious!!
  3. i am getting help ironing out my study plan/minor/major
  4. I had a resident totally help me out on my costume by giving me some extra skeleton hands she doesn't need.
  5. I didn't have enough time to swim 20 laps today, so I just sat in the jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Another plus is that I didn't have to redo my hair afterwards!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 9!

Good Thing the First!
  1. Design 3 class is over, our truss had the second highest strength to weight ratio, which means our truss could handle the second highest amount of force (due to compression) in relation to the amount of weight the truss has. This is remarkable because our design was improvised! When I can I will get an image of the "after" posted. I am taking credit for the quality construction!
  2. It is late at night, here I am completing this thing. I just came back from swimming 20 laps, good stuff.
  3. I had a dinner of sauerkraut and brats and root beer, some RA friends of mine were holding an Oktoberfest event and invited me to have some food. delicious!
  4. I studied for my Diff EQ test on Monday and I made a study sheet for Fridays Physics 2 test.
  5. The day was mostly cloudy, but I was outside during the one beaming moment of sunlight. It was wonderful

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 8!

Hey guys, end of a crazy day. Good stuff includes
1. Successful doorstop decorating, we used glitter glue, stickers that have 'eyes' on them as a substitute to googley eyes, paint, markers, and colorful duct tape. We had about 15 girls come and make them. Some are pretty crazy and the girls said they had fun.
2. I squeezed in 20 laps this evening, swimming always makes me feel accomplished.
3. I have scheduling for winter/spring break duty hours straightened out, thanks to Dad and Maria.
4. Yesterday I was invited to a study session for today's Circuits test, which was beneficial and fun.
5. The tests I had today were both open text book, which is better than closed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 7!

1. My new Mechanics of Solids class was wonderful. The teacher is patient, descriptive, fascinating, and challenging. Too bad I have a quiz in his class tomorrow
2. I had voice lessons today where I am singing "What I did for love" from Chorus Line and "Send in the Clowns"
3. Since I have a circuits midterm tomorrow, the homework that was also assigned for tomorrow has been pushed back

Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 6!

1. I cut the wood with my friend Cas for the doorstops. Working with tools makes me feel good, I realize.

2. I got help from my Mechanics of Solids tutor for a full 2 hours. It was agonizing, but if I had been alone, it would have been wrong and three times as long. so, whoo

3. I just finished my Diff EQ homework, it is nice that I can go to sleep knowing something is finished. I worked with some nice people to get it done

4. Even though I didn't spend nearly enough time outside, it was a truly gorgeous day on campus

5. I found ukulele tabs to the Postal Service song "Such Great Heights" which, of course, are totally easy & fun to play.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 5!

I just got back from the city,
1. I have supplies for my Halloween costume.
Here is a website that I am using inspiration. Funny blog name!

It seems easy with less sewing, right? I couldn't get any contact paper, so I may just use duct tape, cut the duct tape in the shape of bones ( I have brightly colored tape ) and slap them on my newly purchased black leggings and black long sleeve shirt.

So the good thing is that today I went to a really cool trimming store called MJ Trim

I went to the city with my friend Alix, and she said that this is a store that the people from Project Runway go to get their supplies. Big & Expensive!

So I got myself some cool trim for the other part of my skeleton costume. I am going to be a skeleton from the Day of the Dead, so I have a bright blue skirt and I got some South-of-the-border type trim, and white pom-pom trim that I will put on the skirt, either with hot glue or sewing.

2. After shopping we went to a kosher restaurant called Ben's Kosher Deli, and it was delicious!
I got chicken soup with a big matzo ball. Very yummy.

3. I went swimming in the first time in weeks with my brand new speedo goggles. 2 sets of 10 back & forth laps. good stuff

4. I hung out with my friend Ethan and ate Reeses candies

5. hung out with my residents

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 4!

Hey guys,

1. I have made a lot of progress on planning for a floor event that is making and decorating our own doorstops. It is planned for tuesday.
2. I did a lot of work for design class. I worked really well with one of my partners and she held the brass in place and we worked together in soldering. We got it finished!
3. I saw a friend of mine who graduated last year, Mary Kelly
4. I went with my friends to target and bought a ton of stuff, I got halloween candy, costume stuff, a sweater, a coffee maker, socks, and other fun stuff
5. I went out to eat at the restaurant Maxwells, had a delicious chicken pesto quesadilla. Yum!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 3!

1. This morning at the cafeteria there were pancake crepes with a delicious apple filling.
2. I saw my old roommate today Alina!
3. I got a letter from my old coworker Christina
4. I got a 25 out of 30 on a quiz for Mechanics of Solids: The best score I have gotten on anything this year
5. I have switched into the section of Mechanics of Solids that is taught by the best teacher on campus. Whoo!
6. I am working on my Halloween costume idea: a skeleton -> black clothes with white bones made out of contact paper
7. Today my Circuits lab only took an hour and has no follow up lab report due! Whoo!
8. I visited the teachers assistant for my math class Differential Equations and straightened out a few issues. I have a test in Diff Eq on Nov. 2, so I better start crackin down
9. After working for about an hour with the TA I saw some friends of mine doing handstands outside, so I joined them
10. My watch randomly turned on: When I had plugged in my microwave after buying it a few months ago, the first time I nuked something, my watch battery died. I felt like those events were correlated. So I noticed today that the battery works again. Awesome.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2!

1 . I cut brass and sanded brass in design for a truss
2. I laid in the grass for a few minutes under the beautiful trees on campus
3. I made a proposal for a programming event about making doorstops for my floor, actually a big achievement.
4. I successfully switched into a course taught by the best teacher!
5. I found the harmonica mom had mailed me, awesome!

So, I have a lab report to do, homework, et cetera. Love ya!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1!

Hey there,
This is my first post of good things that happen to me, or that I do, or whatever. I will strive for 5 a day, we will see how this goes
  1. I am going to switch into a class that I already have, but into a section that is taught by the head of Civil Engineering, and is the best there is.
  2. I am making plans to go shopping with friends of mine this Friday, some essentials include sour cream and onion ruffles and m&m's
  3. After a cloudy Monday, the weather was positively pleasant
  4. I found out my final exam schedule
  5. one of the friendly campus policemen just gave me a sucker!
See you tomorrow!