Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 9!

Good Thing the First!
  1. Design 3 class is over, our truss had the second highest strength to weight ratio, which means our truss could handle the second highest amount of force (due to compression) in relation to the amount of weight the truss has. This is remarkable because our design was improvised! When I can I will get an image of the "after" posted. I am taking credit for the quality construction!
  2. It is late at night, here I am completing this thing. I just came back from swimming 20 laps, good stuff.
  3. I had a dinner of sauerkraut and brats and root beer, some RA friends of mine were holding an Oktoberfest event and invited me to have some food. delicious!
  4. I studied for my Diff EQ test on Monday and I made a study sheet for Fridays Physics 2 test.
  5. The day was mostly cloudy, but I was outside during the one beaming moment of sunlight. It was wonderful


  1. Whatever you domake sure you and your partner are able to prove that your truss was carefully researched and designed! Go - Quality Construction by DCB!!

  2. Please note that the last comment was sent by me, it's just that we are still trying to figure out how to leave comments. Your mother would never mush two words together like that!
    I'm so proud of you - Kraut, it's the best!
    More later, love to you, have a great day.

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    It's really me. I'm thrilled about your truss project! And I just love how interesting your days sound . Although you've gone to the dark side via kraut I love you still.

  4. sauerkraut?!? well, I guess nobody's perfect ;)
    That's one good looking truss!