Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 6!

1. I cut the wood with my friend Cas for the doorstops. Working with tools makes me feel good, I realize.

2. I got help from my Mechanics of Solids tutor for a full 2 hours. It was agonizing, but if I had been alone, it would have been wrong and three times as long. so, whoo

3. I just finished my Diff EQ homework, it is nice that I can go to sleep knowing something is finished. I worked with some nice people to get it done

4. Even though I didn't spend nearly enough time outside, it was a truly gorgeous day on campus

5. I found ukulele tabs to the Postal Service song "Such Great Heights" which, of course, are totally easy & fun to play.


  1. I wonder how many bands have ukelele tabs available? Does this mean I can finally play "Stairway to Heaven?"
    Tools are fun! They give power.
    Congrats on getting schoolwork done.
    Looks like another good weather day is heading toward you, enjoy it.
    Love ya!

  2. Good morning Donnie, Love the details of your blog !