Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 4!

Hey guys,

1. I have made a lot of progress on planning for a floor event that is making and decorating our own doorstops. It is planned for tuesday.
2. I did a lot of work for design class. I worked really well with one of my partners and she held the brass in place and we worked together in soldering. We got it finished!
3. I saw a friend of mine who graduated last year, Mary Kelly
4. I went with my friends to target and bought a ton of stuff, I got halloween candy, costume stuff, a sweater, a coffee maker, socks, and other fun stuff
5. I went out to eat at the restaurant Maxwells, had a delicious chicken pesto quesadilla. Yum!


  1. So, tell us more about the doorstops!! What are they for, do they stop doors? what do they stop them from doing? Are they large trained dogs that lay on the floor when ordered?
    Tell more about soldering brass, do you use flux? do you use an iron or a flame?
    A coffee maker - do you need coffee? you know how we love to mail things to you!
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chicken pesto quesadilla, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    I'm making a wine/herb pot roast for dinner. There was a pineapple upside down cake for your Mom's return, of course!
    So, I guess it's raining where you are, It snowed yesterday, but it all melted, although we had to scrape the cars this morning. Just very clear and maybe 40 degrees.
    We're going shopping after your Mom gets off work for Danny Kaldun's 50th birthday party next weekend in Lake Elmo, should be fun, those Kaldun parties can be pretty crazy!
    Have you friended Jennifer Moates on Facebook? if so, you can see her and her BF dressed up for the Zombie Crawl, fun!
    Have a great weekend - love you!
    big daddy

  2. So the doorstops are to keep the doors on our floor open. The purpose is to have the girls hopefully interact with each other more if they have their own cool doorstop.
    So for the soldering I cut them using an upright table saw that has a little blade. The brass has the dimensions of 1/8 of an inch thicknesses, the total brass each design group is given is 84 inches. For soldering brass we definitely used flux, and a blow torch.
    The coffeemaker is a Mr Coffee and I am very happy to have it. The coffee grounds I bought are from Green Mountain which is my very favorite ever! They are offering this brand at a certain cafe at school and I am in love. The issue was that I was spending all of my duckbills on $2 coffee 4 days a week, so I decided I needed to just get a coffeemaker myself.A $20 coffee maker with $6 grounds will hopefully balance out, right?
    Please mail grounds! I do love getting packages!
    I hope the pineapple upside down cake is good!
    I also hope you survive the Kaldun party!
    Love you,