Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 8!

Hey guys, end of a crazy day. Good stuff includes
1. Successful doorstop decorating, we used glitter glue, stickers that have 'eyes' on them as a substitute to googley eyes, paint, markers, and colorful duct tape. We had about 15 girls come and make them. Some are pretty crazy and the girls said they had fun.
2. I squeezed in 20 laps this evening, swimming always makes me feel accomplished.
3. I have scheduling for winter/spring break duty hours straightened out, thanks to Dad and Maria.
4. Yesterday I was invited to a study session for today's Circuits test, which was beneficial and fun.
5. The tests I had today were both open text book, which is better than closed.


  1. You're the doorstop queen! Sounds like you get a good turnout. I love the idea.
    Glad you got into the pool, 20 laps is terrific!
    Good luck on the tests, open book takes a little of the stress off, doesn't it?
    See separate email containing itinerary - 56 days and counting!
    Happy Day!

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  3. I see that my BAD spelling was about to be exposed so I deleted my post. What no 'spell check '? Anyhow ,I'm glad to see that your door stop project went well . How's ythe skeleton costume doing ?
    This is the day that the Statue of Liberty was dedicated , so happy birthday Statue Lady !
    Love mom

  4. I give up, I fixed one mistake and there is another . Maybe I should do these thing later in the day when I'm sharper !