Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 11!

Mischief Night
  1. I went trick or treating with my friends to the houses of the faculty. Pretty fun. I got a chance to try out my costume and people approved. Walking around with a ukulele and not knowing any spanish doesn't help with my 'day of the dead' concept, but I can count up to four and play about four chords. Its alright
  2. I got part of my computer fixed. The issues involved with my computer currently are/were that the key on my keyboard weren't really attached, and that my shift key does not work. I went to computer service center and the key board more tightly affixed to the computer, but the shift key (on the right) does not work when I compress it. Going to the computer help center is a laborious process, and I am just plugging along.
  3. A friend of mine did help me fix my printer - magically - and now i have my boarding tix and concert tix printed out and put in a safe place weeks in advance
  4. I had my mechanics of solids class and it was fun, as usual. It turned out I got 15/20 on a quiz, which is tons better than I had expected. This grade barely counts for our legit grade, just an acknowledgment of our being present. We are dealing with less physics and more statics concepts - so finding the center of gravity of objects, which reminds me so much of what I had done in Freshman year of highschool. In Mr. Moening's class we had to find the Center of Gravity and now I actually understand what we were doing.
  5. I handed out candy to my residents and I think they liked it!

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