Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 5!

I just got back from the city,
1. I have supplies for my Halloween costume.
Here is a website that I am using inspiration. Funny blog name!

It seems easy with less sewing, right? I couldn't get any contact paper, so I may just use duct tape, cut the duct tape in the shape of bones ( I have brightly colored tape ) and slap them on my newly purchased black leggings and black long sleeve shirt.

So the good thing is that today I went to a really cool trimming store called MJ Trim

I went to the city with my friend Alix, and she said that this is a store that the people from Project Runway go to get their supplies. Big & Expensive!

So I got myself some cool trim for the other part of my skeleton costume. I am going to be a skeleton from the Day of the Dead, so I have a bright blue skirt and I got some South-of-the-border type trim, and white pom-pom trim that I will put on the skirt, either with hot glue or sewing.

2. After shopping we went to a kosher restaurant called Ben's Kosher Deli, and it was delicious!
I got chicken soup with a big matzo ball. Very yummy.

3. I went swimming in the first time in weeks with my brand new speedo goggles. 2 sets of 10 back & forth laps. good stuff

4. I hung out with my friend Ethan and ate Reeses candies

5. hung out with my residents


  1. Wow. What a great day!
    That crazed parent website was fun, and good idea on the skeleton - I like the idea of a Mexican skeleton - can't wait to see it!
    Good matzo balls are VERY good.
    Mom's napping after an unexpectedly long day at work, we went to Gypsy Moon and got some gifts for Mr. Kaldun, a mermaid bottle opener and a plaque that reads:
    Cocktail Hour:
    0700 to 0659
    Daily and Sundays
    They are both heavy cast metal and look pretty cool, I think they're the kind of thing he will enjoy on his 50th Birthday.
    Looking forward to more fun adventures!
    ps - did you see the email about air travel - let me know if those dates and times are good for you.
    your papa

  2. viva Dia De Los Muertos!
    I do hope that you post some pictures of your costume.
    Missing you!