Thursday, April 28, 2016


Status update:

Passed the damn masonry exam.
I now have OSHA exam to finish this weekend. Then I will be moving towards getting my SWAC access card, ideally by May. Then WTC inspections!

I ran only once this week, and I plan on running tomorrow morning & Saturday to make it 3 days, maybe I will run Friday through Sunday to follow the required mileage.

Dress is back from the tailors.
Les & I had our first dance class, and it was wonderful! The song we chose works for a Rumba, and Les apparently took Rumba classes at 12 years old! The classes were fun, and we are looking forward to more.
The paperwork parts going to be figured out soon. It will all work out!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Reviewing 4/4-4/11

Happy Monday

Wedding Successes:
- The dress is now at the tailors, more than 2 months ahead of time. Perfectly on schedule.
- I have the beautiful blue tango shoes - FROM ITALY
- I have coordinated with my dance choreographer, we will start lessons in perhaps 2 weeks.

Exam Successes:
- I PASSED IT! On the first try!
- My boss then tells me that i need to take the second, accompanying Welding Exam. This is pressuring, but it would come with a reward.
- In the mean time, I have taken pole classes to make myself feel better.

Marathon Training Successes:
- I have been consistently running 3 days a week.
- I used some REI Co-op membership "points" i "earned". I got a $30 discount on the cheapest running watch out there that has a GPS function ~$60 w/shipping.
Soleus GPS One
The reason it is the cheapest is that it does not have the function of allowing me to download my running maps. Since I am not going to be posting my trails on the internet, this seemed like an unnecessary characteristic for me when hunting for running watches. I got it in a beautiful mint green, and I like it.

Coffee Addiction:
I broke down and had a cup of coffee the day before the exam. As a result I had a hissyfit at work, since I was so tired that I almost fell asleep while in Grand Central Station.
It took 1 hour to drink a whole cup of coffee, and my heart felt kinda like a hummingbird.
I also drank a few sips of coffee on Saturday between a 'marathon' shopping day at the outlets & a pole class. As a result, I felt heart burn while inverting. Oh well, staring again. As of today, it's been 2 days.

XO Heres to the rest of a good week

Sunday, April 3, 2016

4.3.16 Week in review

Week 4/3/16

- I bought my tango shoes! Therefore, all of my req'd wedding accessories are taken care of.
- I have set up dance lessons for next Sunday afternoon
- It has been determined that there will be no flower crown, but instead flowers tucked into my relaxed wedding up-do. SIMPLE!
- The flower bouquet can be with Ranunculus + trader joes
- I will be bringing my wedding dress to a tailor by April 9th to start the fitting process

- Ran 3 miles Tuesday, 3 miles Wednesday before work, & 4 miles on Friday with Les
- I think I will use my REI reward of $30 toward the cheapest GPS running watch on the market this week

- Exam this Tuesday