Monday, April 11, 2016

Reviewing 4/4-4/11

Happy Monday

Wedding Successes:
- The dress is now at the tailors, more than 2 months ahead of time. Perfectly on schedule.
- I have the beautiful blue tango shoes - FROM ITALY
- I have coordinated with my dance choreographer, we will start lessons in perhaps 2 weeks.

Exam Successes:
- I PASSED IT! On the first try!
- My boss then tells me that i need to take the second, accompanying Welding Exam. This is pressuring, but it would come with a reward.
- In the mean time, I have taken pole classes to make myself feel better.

Marathon Training Successes:
- I have been consistently running 3 days a week.
- I used some REI Co-op membership "points" i "earned". I got a $30 discount on the cheapest running watch out there that has a GPS function ~$60 w/shipping.
Soleus GPS One
The reason it is the cheapest is that it does not have the function of allowing me to download my running maps. Since I am not going to be posting my trails on the internet, this seemed like an unnecessary characteristic for me when hunting for running watches. I got it in a beautiful mint green, and I like it.

Coffee Addiction:
I broke down and had a cup of coffee the day before the exam. As a result I had a hissyfit at work, since I was so tired that I almost fell asleep while in Grand Central Station.
It took 1 hour to drink a whole cup of coffee, and my heart felt kinda like a hummingbird.
I also drank a few sips of coffee on Saturday between a 'marathon' shopping day at the outlets & a pole class. As a result, I felt heart burn while inverting. Oh well, staring again. As of today, it's been 2 days.

XO Heres to the rest of a good week

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