Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 23!

  1. I am having breakfast at Panera bread because the cafeteria is still closed, they have internet so I am going to try to work on as much physics as possible here.
  2. I got through most of my problems, I took a break to practice my music for voice lessons, the song in Italian I am singing a translation of is "Non so piu cosa son, cosa faccio" an Aria for Cherubino

Day 23!

  1. I am having breakfast at Panera bread because the cafeteria is still closed, they have internet so I am going to try to work on as much physics as possible here.
  2. more to come, hopefully saying I finished my work!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 22!

  1. I did 4 loads of laundry!
  2. i have done my circuits homework
  3. yesterday i went to Webster Hall, had a blast with my friends,
  4. The day before that I marched in the Thanksgiving parade
  5. The day before that I spent with people who are in Balloon clubs and skydiving instructors while I was helping out the inflation team!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 21!

  1. I have a fun new song to sing for voice lessons! It is an italian love song that I will be singing the translation of, and actually I will be performing a full scene from Figaro, but in english. The goal is to have it ready for the next voice recital around Feb. 24. It sounds like so much fun.
  2. I started up yoga in the hall once again, I had 5 people show up, and that was good. I have this weekly event scheduled on my busiest day, but it is a nice way to break up the madness!
  3. I have finished my Mechanics of Solids homework with my lovely tutor. First good tutor of the year, 1 out of 3 aint bad
  4. The weather was windy out today so I wore my beloved blue and yellow bird coat.
  5. No circuits homework due tomorrow!
  6. I have planned that on Sunday night to have girls bring their left overs so we can have a Thanksgiving Left-overs Floor Meeting. Eat and talk about the day. I gotta go make a proposal!
  7. One more day of classes!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 20!

  1. I got a letter from my good friend the architect from DC today. I am writing her one back today.
  2. I have my study plan officially switched to Civil Engineering, I have that paperwork behind me
  3. My friend Tamar is coming down from Boston this weekend, will be fun
  4. I have somewhat a head start on my design homework. Rather than waiting til 8 pm to start, I started a bit this weekend and I have worked on it for a few hours. Hopefully the work will ensure an early night.
  5. The prof. of Civil Engineering said that :I seem like a bright girl" in a complementary manner, not demeaning at all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 19!

  1. I just got to talk to a really good friend about college, classes, and life. It is my old Chem Lab partner and close friend, Amanda. We shared mugs of Jasmine tea and hung out in my room for hours.
  2. It is the weekend, finally!
  3. I found out that I have weekend duty on accident, and by accident I mean that I accidentally found out. I had forgotten to write this in my calender, so luckily someone told me about it.
  4. I went the to Voice Recital held on campus with the students of the voice teacher. It was fun to see my friends perform. Next semester I may be ready to sing a little song. Some of the songs were "Shenandoh" and the intro to Sweeney" Todd, and my old room mate Alina sang a song called "Go 'way from my window" which was funny.
  5. I got a review of what will be on the circuits lab final next week.
Lookin forward to going on a jog with a friend tomorrow, studying mechanics of solids and circuits, and on Wednesday I have a concert to go to in the city for the band "Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 18!

  1. I just had some delicious fruit snacks from a vending machine. I forgot how much I love them! I will make sure to buy some this weekend at A&P
  2. I spoke with an advisor about my five-year-plan, got some solid advice
  3. I have times when I can meet my other teachers tomorrow to talk about classes
  4. I went on a tiny 15 minute jog, the first one in over a month, and it felt so released
  5. My floor had to do health and safety checks, which means that my supervisor and I go to each room and make sure there are no guns/candles/drugs/extension cords. my girls passed!
  6. A team mate I have in Design 3 had thanked me for helping her with the report that was due this morning
  7. There was free hot chocolate offered in front of my dorm today
  8. I have been studying for quiet a while for my physics quiz that is Friday. I have my time available to study for Mechanics of Solids tomorrow.
  9. No Late Night Art Club, which means study time
  10. I got advice on what I should register for next semester
  11. I solved my last issue with the Bursar today.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 17

  1. a good thing today is a I found a new way to relax: I have been studying circuits by laying on the ground on my new rug with an electric heating pad on my back and listening to the Enya Station on Pandora Radio. It really does the trick.
  2. During the weekly RA meeting on my side of campus my supervisor acknowledged me as being a "star ra of the week" and mentioned the work I did a month ago on the Doorstops and my yoga program.
  3. I got my Mechanics of Solids homework finished the day before rather than the day of. progress is progress. I had worked on these four simple problems on Sunday for hours alone, I met with my new tutor for an hour and we double checked most of them. I am grateful
  4. This morning I met a friend of mine who needed to know what the Diff EQ homework assignment was for class later in the day, and in return he fixed my printer - which has been broken for over 2 months.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 16!

  1. I am listening to the current to a song called "Science is Real" from They Might Be Giants, how crazy!!!!!
  2. I just came from Diwali, the Indian Undergraduate Association performance which was fabulous
  3. I got fitted for my choir dress
  4. I have my new tutors assigned
  5. I made a poster to decorate the hall with, with one of my residents
  6. I understood what was going on in one of my classes after studying really hard all week on the material (Diff EQ)

Day 15!

For Thursday
  1. Got to have a wake up call from Mom
  2. I wore my new boots bought this season. I guess the reason people buy nice things to wear them when they are needed.
  3. I figured out my transcript holds
  4. i made plans to work on physics with a friend
  5. circuits lab was canceled
  6. i did physical therapy and yoga this morning after talking to mom
  7. I spoke to a saint, lynn about making appointments with teachers
  8. i realized that i have a B in physics now,
  9. I am getting a new tutor

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 14!

  1. i made new turkey hand door decorations with my residents. i find out that arts and crafts are a challenge for some of my residents. it is confusing at first, but some girls are not as interested in crafts, which is why they are at a tech school. anyway, one thing is a little bit off my back.
  2. i saw my friend Alina when I needed to, I sat outside in the fall breeze on a bench with her talking about school, then she sat in my room and studied while I worked on a paper. It was really nice
  3. I did my part of a Design paper. For the first time in a few semesters I am not compiling all the parts of it. It is a little worrisome because I can't review all of it, but then again, I am not responsible for printing it out, and it is out of my hands.
  4. I went to a speaker held at school about over achieving girls. It was interesting, but made me wonder if I am even overachieving.
  5. I have now done physical therapy three days in a row

good night!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 13!

I have missed a day or two, just pickin up where I left off!
  1. Today I had my Diff EQ test and I left knowing that I had tried my hardest. I hadn't died after taking the test, and I wasn't so tense that I was arguementative, which I usually feel like post-test.
  2. I did yoga and physical therapy this morning. I am trying to get back on the boat with pt
  3. I ran into a good friend of mine who is now a graduate of Stevens and she told me about the farm that she has been working on for the last 6 months - which is awesome! It is a sustainable property where a family teaches classes on making your own soap, bread, and how to live in a more independent manner.
  4. She gave me some peppermint and oatmeal soap that she had made!
  5. I found out that I may have my bike in the first week of December