Sunday, September 9, 2012

1. Coffee and reading the NY Times with my friends
2. I just registered for my 3 remaining NYRR races to qualify for the 2013 NYC Marathon!
3. I signed up for a friends winery festival next week
4. I just bought a NY Giants shirt for Les

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post Run 8/19/12

I spared myself half an hour of studying to go on a jog, after my studying had taken a turn for the worst and was aimed towards Facebook.
I should take that habit of Facebooking and turn it into going on a run every time my mind needs a break.

Last week I hadn't run more than once, and this week I will try to do more running. On the other hand I was in the city more often, and had studied for 13 hours.

So I went on a run today and my mind came up with interesting solutions to what seemed like not too important problems.

I decided to designate a bin in my closet to partially worn items - that was somewhat used sportsbras won't be hangin with my new bras.

and I realized I could make tacos for dinner using all of my partially made food

I also realized I could stock the bathroom with packing tape and just use that to pick up hairs left on the bathroom floor - an odd and unfortunate side effect of living with a blonde girl is knowing that I am always guilty of hair on the floor and not her.

I will try to chime in more often on this format, and I hope you are all doing splendid.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12,

1. I saw a brief segment of Sunday Morning about Shakespeare in the Park which was lovely
2. I went canoeing for the first time in 5 years with Leslie and her 15 year old daughter Sallie onto the Hudson River for 2 hours and got a few unique tan lines
3. I went swimming with Leslie at an outdoor pool
4. I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and had some delicious Mint Chocolate Espresso beans as a delicious sample
5. There was a great group of people at the apartment when I got home, which was a very fun surprise
6. I passed my OSHA training exam, so I now have just the Health Test and Respirator Fit Testing to take before I can be allowed to be on a contaminated site

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good day,

1. I didn't have to go to the office
2. I got to go home early
3. It was a beautiful day
4. I am working off my OSHA online hrs. 32 hours total, 19 hours done. 13 left. ughhhhhhh