Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post Run 8/19/12

I spared myself half an hour of studying to go on a jog, after my studying had taken a turn for the worst and was aimed towards Facebook.
I should take that habit of Facebooking and turn it into going on a run every time my mind needs a break.

Last week I hadn't run more than once, and this week I will try to do more running. On the other hand I was in the city more often, and had studied for 13 hours.

So I went on a run today and my mind came up with interesting solutions to what seemed like not too important problems.

I decided to designate a bin in my closet to partially worn items - that was somewhat used sportsbras won't be hangin with my new bras.

and I realized I could make tacos for dinner using all of my partially made food

I also realized I could stock the bathroom with packing tape and just use that to pick up hairs left on the bathroom floor - an odd and unfortunate side effect of living with a blonde girl is knowing that I am always guilty of hair on the floor and not her.

I will try to chime in more often on this format, and I hope you are all doing splendid.

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  1. O M G I just happened to check THIS site........Iam so glad that you're posting again. I usually look at the other blog and have been wondering if you had just desided not to post . I love your solution for the bathroom and totally understand the balance of guilt. I'm sure that Desi feels bad about all the black hair she distributes around the house. Of course Buddy had hair that blended more with the we didn't notice so much. Have a great week , mom