Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 17

  1. a good thing today is a I found a new way to relax: I have been studying circuits by laying on the ground on my new rug with an electric heating pad on my back and listening to the Enya Station on Pandora Radio. It really does the trick.
  2. During the weekly RA meeting on my side of campus my supervisor acknowledged me as being a "star ra of the week" and mentioned the work I did a month ago on the Doorstops and my yoga program.
  3. I got my Mechanics of Solids homework finished the day before rather than the day of. progress is progress. I had worked on these four simple problems on Sunday for hours alone, I met with my new tutor for an hour and we double checked most of them. I am grateful
  4. This morning I met a friend of mine who needed to know what the Diff EQ homework assignment was for class later in the day, and in return he fixed my printer - which has been broken for over 2 months.


  1. And Hey, here's a good thing - you've figured out how to make each paragraph a different color! Like they say, "progress is progress"!
    Also, being the star RA of the week is very good thing, congratulations!
    Have a great day, my dear, talk to you soon!

  2. You're always the star of the week out here!

  3. I love the idea of studying circuitry while laying on an electrical circuit!
    Congratulations , Star RA of the week!
    Good 'solid ' work on your home work !
    Perhaps it's about time to consider replacing your printer .
    I like the new color scheme.