Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 13!

I have missed a day or two, just pickin up where I left off!
  1. Today I had my Diff EQ test and I left knowing that I had tried my hardest. I hadn't died after taking the test, and I wasn't so tense that I was arguementative, which I usually feel like post-test.
  2. I did yoga and physical therapy this morning. I am trying to get back on the boat with pt
  3. I ran into a good friend of mine who is now a graduate of Stevens and she told me about the farm that she has been working on for the last 6 months - which is awesome! It is a sustainable property where a family teaches classes on making your own soap, bread, and how to live in a more independent manner.
  4. She gave me some peppermint and oatmeal soap that she had made!
  5. I found out that I may have my bike in the first week of December


  1. Good morning!
    Happy that you made it through that test, and that you had time for taking care of your body. What does your friend do on the farm? Are there animals, crops?
    The soap sounds tasty!
    I was emailing with a Macy's employee I work with @ the Herald Square store, she said her boyfriend graduated from Stevens. And, she's going to be a marshall in the parade - small world!
    Have a terrific day, love,

  2. Good Morning Punkin',
    You sound great !
    I'm so glad that you felt like you did after taking the test!
    We waste a LOT of time as humans second guessing ourselves , so good for you.
    Ty , the contractor that Jess and Brian are using for their bathroom remodel , is coming Friday to , wait for it , FIX the ceiling in your room !
    I'm delighted to hear that your bike is finally heading your way. It's erie because last night I couldn't stop thinking about your bike while I was trying to get to sleep.......
    How lovely to have home made soap from some one that you knoow. It seams that you have more and more interesting friends Donna . I continue to love to read your updates . Mom
    p.s. I went to Pilates yesterday and my arms and legs feel like I guess you really can't turn your back on your body, huh ?

  3. Do you get to visit this farm?
    It sounds like heaven!
    You should read "the Good Life" it's by a couple that lived in New York City in the early part of the year, but for various reasons decided to live a completely self-sustaining life in Vermont or somewhere during the depression.
    They were able to build a little community around their farm and teach sustainability to others.