Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 18!

  1. I just had some delicious fruit snacks from a vending machine. I forgot how much I love them! I will make sure to buy some this weekend at A&P
  2. I spoke with an advisor about my five-year-plan, got some solid advice
  3. I have times when I can meet my other teachers tomorrow to talk about classes
  4. I went on a tiny 15 minute jog, the first one in over a month, and it felt so released
  5. My floor had to do health and safety checks, which means that my supervisor and I go to each room and make sure there are no guns/candles/drugs/extension cords. my girls passed!
  6. A team mate I have in Design 3 had thanked me for helping her with the report that was due this morning
  7. There was free hot chocolate offered in front of my dorm today
  8. I have been studying for quiet a while for my physics quiz that is Friday. I have my time available to study for Mechanics of Solids tomorrow.
  9. No Late Night Art Club, which means study time
  10. I got advice on what I should register for next semester
  11. I solved my last issue with the Bursar today.


  1. Now that's what I call a bunch of good things!
    Although - these fruit snacks from a vending machine, are these what we used to call "gummy bears?"
    And where did you guys hide all the guns?
    Happy Thursday - and keep up the good work!
    Love - pops

  2. I like how guns and candles are both on the same list.
    Thanks for helping us all find joy in the little things each day!
    Love, Jess

  3. Hiya!
    Wow were you busy..
    Can't wait to hear more details .
    I'm happy to hear that your ducklings passed muster.
    I've got to fly now , but I'd love to hear more later....
    Mom ( I seem to be 'hearing' enabled , rather than impaired).