Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 16!

  1. I am listening to the current to a song called "Science is Real" from They Might Be Giants, how crazy!!!!!
  2. I just came from Diwali, the Indian Undergraduate Association performance which was fabulous
  3. I got fitted for my choir dress
  4. I have my new tutors assigned
  5. I made a poster to decorate the hall with, with one of my residents
  6. I understood what was going on in one of my classes after studying really hard all week on the material (Diff EQ)

1 comment:

  1. My, but you've been busy.
    Good for you ! I imagine that by this point in your day you're rasslin'a BIG baloon. I hope that you are having a ball ! What does your choir dress look like ?
    Daddy is out side raking leaves and I have some cookie dough resting in the fridge and Ty ( the carpenter ) is upstairs priming your ceiling .
    It's a beautiful day here and so I'm going out to help with the yard clean up . So long for now , Mom