Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 6!

Lets do yesterday,
1. I went to the city and saw the Highline Bridge. Cold but very awesome
2. I saw my friends perform 3 One acts
3. I had dinner with some people from down the hall, it is good to be getting to know more people. They shared their food with me, so I will start sharing with them too.
4. I was invited to watch a taped version of the Miss America Pagent. Ms. Hawaii should have one, not Ms. Virginia

1. I was given my time slot to audition for Assassins, Monday 9:50 pm. This will be after choir practice so I will be warmed up to do a little singin
2. I am studying for my thermo class.. this is a good thing because I should be doing it
More to come!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Donna,
    I just got back from Gypsy Moon....I found soom little treasures.
    Daddy is at work 'cause he has a worrysome project and he can get a head start on it for tomorrow.
    It's nice and sunny but pretty chilly here . I forgot that I was still wearing my Uggs after breakfast out this morning , until I tried to sew and was having difficulty using the foot pedal on the sewing machine!
    As you can see ,things are at a fever pitch of excitment at home.
    I glad that you've met some more people in your building . It must make it feel more like a neighborhood .
    Much good luck on your audition for Assassins !
    Love, mom