Monday, January 25, 2010

day 6!

  1. Rainy day-> Got to wear the good ol' black raincoat. It is completely useless to use an umbrella here, it just gets abused by the wind.
  2. Stevens has put up the rope!
  3. I went on a little walk/run today
  4. I practiced for jazz band!
  5. I made a yummy salad of what was in the fridge; 1/2 yellow pepper, 1 apple (sliced very thinly) some garbanzo beans & spinach with a little olive oil
  6. In choir we are singing Bohemian Rhapsody and the Altos actually have the melody for some rockin parts!
  7. I have the opera night where I am singing my voice lesson piece around Feb. 27. That means I have to start practicing this song in front of people to lose the jitters


  1. Hi Honey!
    Great to hear some new good things! I'll call you soon - the salad sounds tasty, and you'll need your strength to hand on to that rope!
    Does Bohemian Rhapsody help with the opera, or the other way around?
    Love, Dad

  2. That sounds like a terrific salad! What is the rope?

  3. Good morning Donnie,
    I love the update of your day. Do your repaired plaid boots stand up to the rain or have you resorted to the black garden boots? Nice work on the salad! How French with your ingredients and application. I imagine that Bohemian Rhapsody would be a gass to perform and that if you channel your Small Kitchen Appliance self you'll kick ass for your Opera night!
    Yes Avatar was in 3D but I didn't get queasy at all. Not nearly the unpleasant experience of the Imax version of the Rolling Stones movie that we saw last year . NOBODY should be subjected to Keith Richards craggy face in those proportions!
    Yeh ,I got my glasses . Love 'em! Next stop new drivers license. Have you gone online to Minnesota yet about your renewal?
    Yesterday Jessica showed me how to make some pita bread . I had a great time in her kitchen!
    Did you know that some one fell against a Picaso at the Met on Sunday and tore it? How horrifying to be THAT person. I'm certain that insurance will cover it but do you think that once that kind of thing occurs that you get banned for life?
    Well I've got to scoot now. LOVE,Love,love,Mom