Sunday, January 24, 2010

day 5!

1. I went to the Met with my old friend from highschool Laura Smith
2. Doing the first load of laundry for the semester
3. The shinning is getting creepy!


  1. Good morning Donnie,
    I bet you had a great time with Laura . What did you see that you liked at the Met?
    Have you still got your laundry chops?
    Don't you just LOVE a creepy book,especially when you know that since you have room mates that whatever is trying to get you as you sleep will have to contend with other people first and by then you'll have awakened and be able to fight them off?
    Perhaps I'm over thinking this!
    Years ago I had a spine tingling night reading Jaws during a thunderstorm in an old house in Edina and I was still uneasy about the possiblity of the shark coming through the window!
    Yesterday daddy and I went to see Avatar. I liked it very much although the script was a LITTLE corny as when one of the charaters said " it's time to take it to another level". It was certainly beautiful .
    Alas, after we got home we watched the Vikings loose a fumbly game to New Orleans .
    I am taking a box of goodies to the post office today so be on the look out for incoming mail !
    Have a wonderful week. Much love Mom

  2. I'm still a little uneasy about empty hallways and it has been many many years since I read that one.
    Do you remember the episode of Friends when Joey was reading the Shining?
    He would keep it in the freezer when it got too scary for him.

  3. Hey Mom & Jess,
    Laura and I went to the met, but we really just walked around it for hours and caught up. My favorite area might have been the Egyptian murals.
    As per the laundry, nothing shrank and I have all of my socks back in good order, so that's two for two.
    I am happy you saw Avatar, was it in 3D? Did you get a little sick? Maybe the reason I got nauseous was because of those silly lines, too.

    And for Jess, I totally remember that Friends! I really like reading it on the Subway because when Stephen King has written out "Thump Thump" or "boom" that is when the Subway cart just takes a bad turn, or the lights turn off. SO Scary!