Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 2! of new semester

This is for yesterday
1. I successfully reorganized my side of the room, I am so happy to have my own space
2. I ate lunch and dinner with friends
3. I started the 13 week run/walk program, it was so slow! But it was good to be outside for a whole half hour

For today
1. I have fudged my schedule a little bit so I can go to choir both times a week
2. I received a letter from a good friend in my mailbox at school!
3. I tried to swim today!

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Donnie,
    Big things here. I took off Buddys cone of shame and mopped his noggin. He IS healing nicely . But this morning he started to rub his head soooooooooo he's reconed . I've sent off your box of delights . Jess has a new phone number ( I haven't commited it to memory yet ). I unearthed my sewing machine and prepped a few projects. Yesterday The Fountainhead was on the old movie channel, 1948 I think, with Gary Cooper as Howard . I only caught the last of it but it seemed VERY surreal. I may have to try the book .
    Have a yummy day, Mom