Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week summary of 3.13.16-3.20.16

- I got in 3 runs last week by run-commuting. Tuesday & Thursday for 30 minutes, and Friday just 20 minutes. This year I have to give special attention to my back and hips so as to not get injured!
- I did a full circuit of physical therapy on Thursday. I plan on keeping this a weekly task. 
- Strength training: Pole private at Body & Pole was a definite conditioning experience: Hip & shoulder opening, Back & core strengthing. I look forward to the exams being behind me so I can train more frequently. A great way to relax. 
- I came out to Les, told him I got into the Marathon. He looked a little worried for me, because I typically get overwhelmed. Luckily is it still 9 months away! 

- I finally signed up for the exam. I registered for the first option to do a morning session from 8 AM to 12 PM which was April 5th. The seminar professor had recommended taking the exam no less than 2 weeks after the end of the seminar, and the date I chose is 17 days after the seminar, which means I'm not following the recommendation to the "T", which is causing pangs of doubt. The reason I chose April 5 was because that the date with my preferred time slot of 8 AM. The other scenarios of taking the exam at 4 PM after 3 inspections is unpleasant to think of. It will all work out has to be my mantra with this. 
- I completed the 'homework' of 8 chapters of the workbook
- I completed the 'sample test packet' of 40 pages hand written by the seminar teacher, who is also a person who wrote the exam. 
- I am in the process of reviewing the notes from the 16 hours of seminar I went thru those two Saturdays ago. 
Goals: Finish reviewing and identifying all possible sample problems by 3/27.: (The structure of the exam is 60 questions from 3 possible reference materials, 30 questions from a set of construction plans. It is recommended to spend 1 hour on the open book portion and 2.5 hours on the plan set). Review and memorize the answer and location to the sample problems between 3/27 & 4/3. Handle the exam on 4/5/16. Have a massage booked for 4/5/16. Have a nice birthday in between the studying. 

- I need to get my dress tailored
- I need to consider dancing shoes for the first dance.... I have beautiful glitter wedges for the garden party part of the party, but I didn't purchase them with dancing in mind.. 
- Les & I are doing well on keeping track, and the Barden conference calls are going well :) 

Good things from the week:
1) I found a 5 dollar bill on my short run on Friday
2) I have a close friend who just gave birth to a healthy baby girl! 
3) I successfully navigated the NYC social security office this week
4) Rupaul Drag Race Season 8 is a joy and very entertaining to watch
5) I registered for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Race with my company, it is a NYC city wide empolyee fun-run that AK Engineering is signed up for
6) My boss had a workout class-bonding hour booked at a work out studio called Throw-Back Fitness. It was silly and fun. 
7) I have so far gone 2.5 days without a cup of coffee - an achievement! I had taken a personality test that stated that my personality was Anxiety - what a bummer! So i realized I just need to stop fueling the fire with so much darn coffee. I have been drinking green tea and Matcha tea instead. I'm not going cold turkey from coffee, but I do feel noticably more pleasant. Here's hoping everyone else around me and that silly internet quiz will notice a change in like a month or so. 

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