Monday, March 14, 2016

3/14/16 Monday

Happy Rainy Monday

Wedding stuff completed
1. Les sent the Chowgirl's catering company the signed proposal.
2. Officiant & I are communicating about the date for our skype session to review vows
3. not much to do honestly
4. Aunt Candy is coming!

1. Last night I did the full physical therapy to attend to my tired hips.
The level of running base I need to have by the wedding is comfortably running 12 miles a week. So, like 15 weeks to get to that level comfortably. That is a lot of time honestly, which i appreciate. I will have the goal of getting myself out there on the road 3 times a week for short runs, just to be excited about it again. With Daylight Savings I will chose to run-commute after work to enjoy the extra sun :)

1. I had gotten through the 'homework' given by the structural seminar guru to do chapters 1-8 of the Structural Steel Inspectors workbook. I put in 2 hours pounding through, but got stuck where it felt the material isn't applicable. A little frustrating. So instead I will do the following:
- Tuesday I will tab my international building code book as I have been informed to
- Once tabbing is complete I will go through the personalized workbook the instructor also handed out.
- Then I will review all the portions in the hand outs.
Once completing these steps I will sign up for the exammm. eeek

Work Stuff:
Need to find social security card & get my passport for gaining a special access card for my World Trade Center inspections. The places I will be inspecting are future retail spaces like H&M and a fancy watch place, but the procedure for getting into WTC at 185 Greenwich is a royal pain.

1. I had a nice walk through central park because I had two inspections directly across from eachother, that the best way to reach it was by strolling
2. I got to visit the inside of the Occulous - the wtc path station that looks like an eyelash - and it turns out it isn't waterproof! The contractor Structuretone was running around trying to maintain the leaks!

3. Yesterday I had just seen a beautiful Disney short called "Lava". It is a tear jerker!

4. My realtor informed me today that my (most likely) future landlord had just sent the architectural plans to the Jersey City permitting office for review. This is good news. Hopefully they will be approved, and then construction can happen.


  1. So good to have you back on the interwebs!!
    Yay for the marathon, I realize that's going to be a lot of work, but I know you're going to be very proud of yourself when you do it, and so will everyone.
    Speaking of lovely shorts, watch this:
    Keep up the updates, watch us on our website, and we love you!

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