Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13/16 Sunday

1. We followed up on the catering proposal
2. I gave Les my portion of the catering cost
3. I booked the hotel accomodations for the saint paul wedding night
4. I updated the guest list portion of the wedding excel sheet
5. Les looked up dancing classes. apprently the going rate is $90/hr.
6. We reached out to the officient to schedule a skype session in April
7. I looked up noise ordinances, and it isn't required for non-amplification
8. We casually browsed wedding bands/rings

1. Need to do PT
2. Is it wrong that I am excited about wearing something fancy on my possible marathon day? I am thinking of a Beyonce Inspired Racing Top along the lines of "Who runs the world? GIRLS!" this is leading down a worm hole of etsy & pinterest possibilities. Whatever it takes to get committed I guess

1. Yesterday was the last seminar. I feel stressed about it. I feel stressed by the time crunch of having to pass this test and then sign up for a second seminar a month later for Welding. When I was at the seminar I was informed that this certification isn't even worth that much in comparison to the one held by AWS, the American Welding Seminar. This makes me think that the International Code Council Exam that I am signing up for is CHOPPED LIVER. Disgusting and worthless... no... it is going to look good no matter what but I feel annoyed and anxious about it.
#1 - The tasks I will take will be finishing the work book.
#2 - Reviewing the handouts I received
#3 - Memorizing the portions highlighted during the seminar
#4 - Sign up for the exam, to be taken before 4/15.
Worst case scenario will be that I fail this exam 3 times, then I won't be able to take the Welding Seminar with this Guru teacher. My job prospects at AK Engineering won't fail because of that. It is a bit unrealistic to pass this exam when I have zero relevant job experience to reinforce it with. And I was hesitant to sign up for these exams in the first place BECAUSE of the stress. but oh well. All I can do is put in 3 hours of work today and then try to chill the F out and be happy because I am not at work right now.

5:20 OK I put in 3 hours on this. Got from Chapter 5 (1-16) & ch. 6 (1-9) in that time. I need other books that are in the office, so i will make good progress tomorrow with all of the required materials.

Good progress, I can rest easy now for the rest of this crazy weekend.

Here are some Cheesy quotes I am going to store for safe keeping:
"Do you need a mentor, or do you need to make a decision and move forward?"
"The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places"

Love you

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