Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Post Easter Everybody!

What's been going on this last week?
-My schedule was pretty intense, I had 5 inspections on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday, none on Friday. This was really unual, and out my my control. I hope this upcoming week is more steady.
-I received my social security card in the mail last week. I need it for the application process called SWAC. SWAC is secure worker access card that needed my background information for the last 10 years and my passport as well. Last week I had successfully completed the background info and documents portion of this process. I got my photo taken for my badge. The next steps for this week are having my background information clear with the government, setting in on a  training class for safety, then I should be able to attend WTC inspections.
- My favorite TV shows are on right now: RuPauls Drag Race, Girls & Boad City. Its nice to have exciting entertainment to look forward to.
A great interview from Ru with a few spoilers from the season thus far

- I haven't had any coffee for over 10 days. I have been drinking green tea, herbal tea, and a little black tea instead. I bought matcha tea at a place called David's Tea to be my prime alternative to coffee. I know I am not 'caffeine free' but I can feel my TMJ in my jaw is not as bad as before.
Here is the Matcha Maker I got . The lady at the store said, when I expressed disdain about the price, Buy Once, Cry Once. Afterwards you won't regret it. She was right!

- I got myself some sweet office supplies. I have been at AK Engineering for just about 3 years now and I figured it was time to get a pencil holder that I could actually use! I also got a paper tray because other inspectors who I am training come with me on site and write draft reports for me. So I now have a place for them to throw my draft reports! Check it out!This is a cheerful thing I have done for my desk-life.

So thats the summary of last week. For this week:
Wedding: Figure out dancing lessons, shoes, tailoring of the dress
Running: I successfully ran 3 x before work last week. This upcoming week, run 3 x before work, and once on the weekend.
Studying: I have 8 more days to study

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  1. That is one classy blue box! your paper is going to be so happy!