Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 22!

So Day 1 of being 21 has gone pretty so far.
Yesterday I was really thankful to have moms garden rain boots because it was a drizzly mess in Hoboken all day. I had a busy day of classes, getting tests back 70/100 in Bio, with the average being 73, 65/100 in Calc 4, average being 70, so I am getting by, definitely not F territory which is good. I had Belly Dancing which is always so fun, and my last class I had a few hour break before rehearsal of the play. I went to a restaurant East LA to have drinks with my friend Mary Kelly and Abel. It was great to catch up with them and get a free meal out of it too!
Rehearsal consisted of everyone sitting down and just singing the parts they have, so it was low stress and I got to sing the song that I lead - Which makes me so happy!!!

So today-
1. I actally got my Calc 4 test back today
2. I have almost finished the Calc 4 homework due next week
3. I am going to use this whole list thing as my to do list now : Gotta
Do Dishes, 15 min
Laundry, 2 hr
Take out trash, 5 min X
read Bio, 1 hr X
go on a run, 1 hr
read thermo, 1 hr
get groceries, 1 hr
review Figaro, .5 hr
review structures. .5 ?
rehearsal at 9

Lets see how this day turns out!


  1. Love the list! Sounds like you're having a good day. Things are greening up here. I'm glad that the boots are getting a work-out!
    I hope that the rest of your day goes beautifully. Mom

  2. That's a big list - how did you do?
    It's April Fools day, be careful out there!
    Great talking to you - have a great day.
    Love, Dad