Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 17

  1. Found out there is a pop-quiz in class tomorrow, thanks for the notice, professor?
  2. I reviewed a Structures test with a friend, good review
  3. Went on a run today, did the intervals of 4 min walk x 2 min run x 10. Whoo! So, I really ran for 40 minutes today, awesome
  4. Did laundry, always good.
  5. had a fire alarm go off at 1 AM today, wet and rainy, but saw some friends, which is good.
  6. Got my WOot shirt in the mail today! WOOT

1 comment:

  1. Wow , what a variety of activities you've managed to put together!
    I did some spaeckling and painting and laundry and then Jess called and we ( with Henry ) went to Snuffys for lunch.
    Daddy and I just watched a documentary about Jimmy Paige ( Led Zeppelin ) and The Edge and Jack White called This Might Get Loud. Pretty interesting .
    I always check for you before bed so how nice to see your latest update.
    Much good luck tommorrow on your quiz and BARDEN,Barden,barden WHOOOOO