Friday, March 5, 2010

day 18

  1. Started the morning off well, yoga with my old roommate felt wonderful!!
  2. the weather is nice today, gonna go on a run of 4x2x9
  3. my current roommate asked me if she can start the running program 30 seconds run x 4:30 x 7. I am excited for her!
  4. Calc TA office hours today - my savior!!
  5. Mariachi band on campus, I'm pumped!


  1. Interesting, will there be an Irish band on campus leading up to Cinco de Mayo ?
    It continues to melt back here and in honor of almost spring......Buddy went to the vet. yesterday and in addition to the required check up got washed and fluffed and trimmed ! Fun times !
    I see in the Stute that apparently you kids aren't taking the search for a suitable new logo very seriously..and that Stevens is clamping down on St. Patricks Day revels!
    I hadn't realized just how C-R-A-Z-Y you all were back in Jersey.

    Have a lovely ( and Safe ) weekend, much love mom