Friday, January 4, 2013

Jan. 4th

Good things for Friday
1. I had survived my first *two day* week back to work
2. I also survived my first fire drill at my job. Don't worry, there wasn't a real fire, just an accidental pull. Someone on the second floor of the building had apparently just moved into a new cubicle and was unfamiliar with it's layout - which included a fire alarm... which eventually resulted in a fire-drill. It brought be back to my college days, except the alarm wasn't at midnight, and I wasn't wearing my pajamas.
3. I got a little further on my mission of getting a hold on my loans today, and I found out that I will not receive a late penalty for paying my loan a few days late, just when it is 90 days late. WHEW!
4. I hung out with friends, had a delicious dinner of yogurt marinated chicken, wild rice with apricot, and carrots with mint.
5. We also watched a documentary on happiness,

 which feels appropriate at the beginning of the year, and at the beginning of my life where I start having to pay people back for the loans that got me my education. Seeing that poorer people then myself are rich with relationships gives me hope, and a reminder to keep in touch with the people I love.

Like family, friends, the elysianettes, neighbors, colleages, and alumni.

I definitely love whoever reads this blog *wink*

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