Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First day back in Hoboken


  1. Happy New Year

    I am back in my room and my first thought is that it is not Elephant Walk - enough!

    I got rid of a very bulky, malfunctioning piece of furniture that I had picked up from the side of the street when I got to the apartment, and the first thing I did was put this bulky broken filing cabinet on an old rug and pull it across the hardwood floor and eventually out onto the street where it came.

    I have replaced it with a wire, black shelf that I had purchased back in college, and I have "tastefully' draped it with a parishima that I don't wear.

    I will put up a picture soon.

    The effect is a freedom of space because the shelves are thinner and has a much smaller footprint. This is felt immediately when I open the door and enter the room.
    I have the instinct to try putting my bed at an angle, but I have other things to do - like go to bed - that I will leave that experiment for tomorrow.

    I did my grocery shopping, some preventative medicinal shopping of Ricola's throat lozenges, herbal tea, and vitamin C - just in case I am about to catch something. Also, it is such a soothing combination that I wouldn't mind partaking in.

    For new year's resolutions, how about staying appropriately bundled for the winter months?

    I will resolve to, from now on, wear a hat, gloves, scarf, and coat when I go outside.

    What are your resolutions?