Saturday, November 20, 2010


I am finally adding the Halloween pics

I promised before the rally for sanity.

I had just spent a half an hour walking up the street Bloomfield and this humongous gem was at my favorite intersection of 11th and Bloomfield. This is a homemade concoction using what seemed to be vacuum tubes for spider legs, and in the web there is another bug to the upper left and a person on the upper left, beneath the spider leg. This can be seen better in the close ups.
Here are other photos of just awesome things, a coffin with a skeleton, spiders along the walls, and the very humorous rock band of hung skeletons with the groupies of skulls along the iron fence.

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  1. I hadn't peeked at your site for a while. Imagine my delight to see all your crazy pictures and to see that you're still posting.
    I LOVE to see what you select to post!
    Love mom