Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day ?? I will check tomorrow

It is the most beautiful day on campus..
I just went out to eat at a mexican place called East LA LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
I don't have any more classes today
I will be going on a run with a friend of mine today
No rehearsals today!! Awesome!
I have to study for Thermo test tomorrow EEK!


  1. How delightful!It's sunny but chilly here today and I just came in from two hours outside in the yard. I'm pretty tired and filthy but it feels great to be out in the garden again. Good luck on thermal! I'm so glad that you're able to run again!
    Much love, mom

  2. Good Morning - and good luck on your test.
    Hope you had a lovely evening. What did you have at East LA?
    We've got new bags of dirt and plants and your Mom moved a bunch of rocks and plants around and it looks super - I'll send pics. It must be Spring!
    Love you, Dad