Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 10

  1. I cooked myself a solid dinner today for the first time in CPA. My roommate has set off the fire alarm 3 times, so I have been really nervous about cooking there. But I was super careful, and I made myself marinated chicken with brown rice and beans! Solid meal & No Fire Alarm!
  2. I studied for my bio quiz, and it worked
  3. I was almost prepared for a thermo quiz
  4. I am going to see a Hoboken production of Rent this weekend
  5. In belly dancing today we danced to the song 'Disturbia' Totally fun!
  6. i got pretty far in structures homework that is due on Thursday
  7. At the little cafe I got 2 for 1 on a baked good, cuz its closin time!
  8. there may be a snow day, who knows

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thursday!
    It was so nice to chat with you yesterday. Did you have rollicking big fun in the snow?
    Fred sent us a picture of him snow blowing his deck. I don't know if the snow blower was a birthday gift and that's why he was so enthusiastic about his labors or if that was just his usual routine .
    We are really running out of places to put snow back here. Did you finally get a large amount at school?
    Talk to you soon,love mom