Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 25!

  1. I had voice lessons today. I had practiced the song
    Non so piu cosa son, cosa faccio, Cherubino's aria from Le Nozze di Figaro and my teacher was impressed. Now we can focus on singing technique which is exactly what I want to do
  2. I had my diff eq test and I successfully survived it. I will be getting my grades back by Friday, so we are hoping for above a 40%. I think I can do it
  3. There was an RA meeting/secret santa. I gave an RA who I admire but don't know too well some very pretty earrings and a scarf - which she loved. I recieved a travel water coloring/painting kit ~ awesome!
  4. No choir today because yesterdays concert was so good
  5. I have finished my circuits homework
  6. my mechanics of solids homework is due friday rather than tomorrow
  7. I just came back from running on a treadmill. I think I will try that as an approach to running again. Felt good.
  8. 4 more days of classes!!


  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!those are some great good things.
    We are bracing here for some snow starting tomorrow afternoon accompanied by 40-50 mile an hour winds. I guess it's coming your way too, so running on the treadmill is probably a very good idea! Daddy and I went over to Shoshanas house 'cause I wanted David to check out my sore hand and to also visit the new border collie pup. So cute and fluffy . You certainly sound relieved about school . How nice to be almost done for this year. We're really looking forward to having you home for the holidays. I unpacked another of the Christmas boxes so the pile of storage boxes IS deminishing, abeit slowly.
    Much love Mom

  2. Love those good things!
    Congrats on getting so much done, and good luck on all your finals - we're thinking of you.
    Love, Dad