Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 24!

  1. I got cookies in the mail!
  2. I had a career fair yesterday, and I am borrowing the ukulele once more!
  3. It is a beautiful day outside, warm/cool december breeze
  4. I made a nice ppt for design 3, and in just one day it is all ova!
  5. Physical therapy and yoga whoo hoo
I think I want to join next semester
Love ya


  1. Ji Donnie,
    I'm glad that the cookies arrived! The weather back here is COLD but it IS Dec. after all.
    Good luck with Design 3. Tell me all about the Achilles track club....Do you know some one who is part of this? I went to the website , looks very interesting.
    Much love mom, ( do get youself some flowers )

  2. Yay for cookies in the mail!