Saturday, December 18, 2010


  1. 2 finals done, one more to go
  2. I have very supportive friends and family!
  3. Hilary brought me pizza
  4. abel gave me a pep talk and a massage
  5. i don't have to do anything during my workstudy, so I 'read' two magazines for a few hours. I like the advertisements supporting magazine readership, in the magazines
  6. I went on a run this morning!
  7. I would say I was 2/3 prepared for that fluids final, which is better than 1/2
  8. I am wearing my very nice vintage dress
  9. Amanda gave me some chamomile tea
  10. I have discovered the quiet rooms in the library, they are like being at church during a prayer service, except I need some incense. My roommate who is very sensitive to smell has let me borrow her febreze. I am a Febrezing fool now!!

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