Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 20th

Here is a weekend check up
9/17 Friday
1. Got a cute hair cut
2. Hung out with my good friend Hilary
3. Had Cluck U, a big old bucket of chicken! Actually, delicious
4. Went to a birthday party hosted by my friend Larry who made Red Velvet Cake. Delicious!

9/18 Saturday
1. Finally made a smoothie using the rocket
2. Saw those Darlins!
3. Went shopping at a cute thrBlockquoteift store called Beacons Closet and got "new" shirt and shoes
4. Studied Steel, did a little homework
5. Did pt.
6. Worked on Bicycles!

9/19 Sunday
1. Went on a run
2. Applied to a grocery store
3. Roommate gave me an ice cream shake!
4. I made myself dinner for the next few days: sausage links, and couscous
5. I swam at the school pool and ran into my Steel professor and her daughter!


  1. I couldn't open the web address that you posted.
    Other than that EXCELLENT report!